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Beautiful essay Samuel. I also suffer from ME and find myself pondering the meaning of life in the face of such constant hardship. This puts many thought and feelings I have into a universal context.

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So much said at an unmatched depth, the humble titan strikes again! The self, with it's aging gene, without AI, without Apple Vision Pro, a self that "is a part of all that I have met" ? (Tennyson, Ulysses.) "Imagine all the people" caring about each other. When would that be enough?

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Thank you for this gorgeous essay, Samuel. One of my sisters and I were have a very similar conversation. I will be sharing your words with her to add more depth to our future conversations. I hope your are feeling better these days. Did you get to New Mexico?

Sending lots of love!


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I loved this essay, Sam. I agree with you about the chaos of the "liquid modernity" we're all experiencing. I also believe if we hold tightly to the mast of our ship, we can weather the storm. The mast itself can be the "sacredness and meaning and dignity" that you write about...How do we find that? I find it most in various theologies, great writers, and the beauty that's always there for us to see. Trying to hold onto that can possibly give us the stability and hope we need to move forward. Thank you for provoking these thoughts.

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