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Wow! Sam, thank you so much for sharing my poem with your readers (and fans). I love and am honored by your interpretation. And, thank you for sharing your physical self with us in your YouTube video. That, indeed, was very brave and, like your writing, each one of your spoken words is packed with meaning. One comment stands out for me about helping people. With this page and the sharing of yourself, you ARE helping people. Being a part of this community has softened my heart and opened my mind to my suffering and those of others. That is a big help to me and those around me in my life. Thank you for that.

I wish you some ease in your day today and as always, am sending lots of loving prayers to you.


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Sam, I read somewhere that suffering seems to be a part of man's transcendence, as it forces the sufferer to mysteriously go beyond himself. You prove the truth of his...Given your terrible physical condition, just to make your videos and share your thoughts is beyond what most of us could do. You're an inspiration.

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Thanks SO much for all your words.

As noted you help many others with your words.

I was diagnosed in 1995, and I am here to tell you that even though I was in bed initially for 6 weeks, and had to learn to do only that which was needful; [including quitting my job] I have improved over the last 10-15 years, and most of the time can live a relatively normal life.

I have learned that sleep is imminent...

...if I don't get enough I will have the glands in my neck swell, & sore throat etc, etc, etc.

BUT, if I get enough sleep, I can do most anything within reason.

This is better than being in bed all the time; so I feel extremely blessed!

Please don't give up on yourself every!!!

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