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Another really good post Samuel. Thank you.

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Hello Samuel,

Thank you for this beautiful post. It was just what I needed to read today and perfectly reflects where I am along my own inner path to soften into my own suffering so that I may more readily soften into the suffering of others. This includes seeing their point of view first and letting go of my desperate need to be seen and heard for my perspective above all else. This is some of the most difficult inner work I have ever done and a friendship of 30 years ended because of our competing needs to be “the one in the right”. Regret is a suffering we all share.

What you are saying about seeing each other and our shared pain and vulnerabilities, reminds of something I read this morning from Walt Whitman:

I think I will do nothing for a long time but listen,

And accrue what I hear into myself….and let sounds contribute toward me.

As with your witnessing of others, Whitman’s words resonate with me: can I let go of my own ego needs enough to hear the other person’s needs FIRST before my own? What is the softest thing I can offer another person (and myself)? Words of advice or loving silence?

Since November of 2020, this has been my inner work - to let go of my clinging need to be heard and instead hear the other person through my heart. I have had great successes and bitter disappointments; each one has its own kind of deeper understanding and I am grateful for each kind of learning.

There is so much more I could say about your beautiful words, Sam! But I will close with how needed they are right now. A vital reminder and a call to challenge ourselves to hear and to see the other’s needs before own as very often they are the same thing

Much love to you!


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