Thanks Samuel for this splendid essay about Frankl. I am always inspired by your writing. Pleased to become a new subscriber after reading your essay about Shelby Steele in Quillette.

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Aug 26, 2023Liked by Samuel Kronen

Thanks Samuel for a great article which I did read in full. I also read "Man's Search for Meaning" some years ago and found it inspiring. Frankl was an amazing person. I hope that you are finding some meaning in your writing, which is I am sure helping others.

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Aug 22, 2023Liked by Samuel Kronen

Thank you for this Samuel. I have added Man’s Search for Meaning as the next book on my list! I hope you are feeling well today. Lots of love, Elizabeth

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I love and appreciate all that you write.

I find great worth in your words.

I also LOVE Viktor Frankl; who gives us continual HOPE in our lives.

I have suffered from Chronic Fatigue since 1995, but most don't even know.

I just went from being what I called a 300 mile an hour person, to a 100 mile an hour person!!!

I still raised 5 sons + one bonus son, and had an amazing husband, who knew that I was able to do almost anything, as long as I chose wisely and made sure I had enough SLEEP!

He supported me w/o taking away my agency.

He died about 14 months ago, but I always hear his words in my head, which help me move forward in JOY no matter what!!!

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